Free Intro Class

The CrossFit methodology, explained and experienced in a fun and safe session

Get ready for the best workout of your life!

Not only CrossFit is much easier to start at than most people would think – it’s also fully accessible to everybody! During your free intro class you’ll realise how incredibly effective and addictive our sessions can be. Fill out the form below and we’ll book you in!

(If you have any trouble with the form, just call us at 03 9462 0605 and we’ll sort you out!)

Our CrossFit gym is located at
13/236 Edwardes St Reservoir VIC Australia
You can contact us at any time at
03 9462 0605

What to expect on your first CrossFit session

You'll meet the coach

Your coach will guide you through the session, teach you the fundamentals about the CrossFit methodology along with some basic movements, and give you your very first WOD (workout of the day).

You'll discover your enormous potential

As the session progresses you’ll find out not only that you can do this, but that you may in fact be very good at it! Proper guidance and teaching will show you how strong you already are.

You'll realise first hand why CrossFit is so efficient and effective

Nothing beats the sensation of finishing a CrossFit workout! At the end, you’ll know you trained your full body, and also realise you’re capable of doing CrossFit


03 9462 0605